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Active Certificates


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The Labour Relations Board posts its active certificates on the Web. These certificates are updated on a monthly basis. They appear in alphabetical order according to the name of the Employer.

Certificates which display an "E" prefix (in front of the Certificate Number) indicate the Certificate falls under the Public Service Employee Relations Act.

Due to time delays in posting, there may be certificates which do not yet appear on the list. All certificates which do appear, have bargaining relationships under the Labour Relations Code and the Public Service Employee Relations Act.

As the information is input directly from a database to the Web, the Board appreciates e-mail notificaton of any errors. Please include your name, phone number, the Certificate Number and BR- Number [located on the certificate(s)] and the name of the parties in your e-mail. There are currently over three thousand active certificates with the Board. To display these effectively, they have been divided into years [with the downloadable file].

Each table row contains information found on the certificate. If you require historical information about a certificate, e-mail or write the Board identifying the certificate number, BR number, the parties' names, your name, address, phone number, and fax number. The Board will mail or fax the information to you. Please allow up to 15 working days to complete the inquiry.


How to find a Certificate

Complete Listing of Active Certificates

The Board has now provided you with one complete list of Active Certificates.

The file is an Excel file -- you will need to have this program to view the file. You can save the excel file to your computer (File, Save As) and then use the basic excel commands to perform searches, sorts and formats.

Excel Hint: When clicking on the link below, your browser will open an excel file. To see the information (that is partially hidden) highlight Columns A to F on the header row. Place your cursor on the line between A and B on the header row (until you see a black double arrow) and double click your mouse. This will expand the text. (Or you can save the file to your computer).

To search from the browser or from a saved file, use "Cntrl+F". This will allow you to do keyword searches in all columns.

Download the Active Certificates File


Here is an explanation of the Active Certificates table.

Bargaining Relationship Number

Employer's Name

Trade Union Name

Certificate Number

Bargaining Unit Description

Date Certificate Issued


XYZ Employer Ltd.

XYZ Union, Local No. 1


All employees


This information will appear on every Board Certificate. Click here to see a sample certificate.


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