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What does the ALRB do?

The Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) is an independent and impartial tribunal responsible for the day-to-day application and interpretation of Alberta's labour laws.  The role of the ALRB is to interpret and apply the legislation governing collective bargaining including:

  • how and under what conditions a trade union may claim the status of exclusive bargaining agent for a group of employees;

  • how the employer and union must bargain to reach or renew a collective agreement;

  • what kinds of union and employer conduct is prohibited; and

  • when the parties may have recourse to a strike or lockout.
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Road Closure / Building Security

Due to the "Taste of Edmonton" festival taking place this summer, July 13-31, 2019, the City of Edmonton is closing down several roads in the immediate area of the Board's Edmonton office.  Please be aware parking will be limited throughout the month of July.

The Labour Building entrances and elevators will be locked for the duration of the festival. Entrance will be by card access only. Be sure to speak with a Board representative should you require entry.

More information can be found on the City's website:

More information about The Taste of Edmonton can be found here.


Recruitment - Vice-Chair - Alberta Labour Relations Board

The Alberta Labour Relations Board is recruiting for a Vice-Chair. Information regarding the Role of the Vice-Chair and the recruitment process can be found here: https://www.alberta.ca/public-agency-opportunities.cfm


Seeking Written Submissions from Intervenors to Address the Impact of a Section 92.2 Application:

In a recent decision Certain Employees of Mountain View Seniors’ Housing v. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees and Mountain View Seniors' Housing, [2019] Alta. L.R.B.R. LD-046,  the Union had made an application under section 92.2 of the Labour Relations Code (the “Code”) for Board assistance in settling the terms of the collective agreement.  Subsequent to the section 92.2 application, the employees filed a revocation application.  In argument, with respect to the revocation application, the Union argued that the application for revocation be dismissed as a result of its section 92.2 application for Board assistance settling the terms of the collective agreement.  The Union asserted “any other matter” as contained in section 54(1) of the Code provided the authority for the Board to dismiss the revocation application. 

The Board seeks written submissions from intervenors to address the impact of a section 92.2 application in relation to a revocation application.  The deadline for written submissions from intervenors is July 26, 2019. 


Amendments to Labour Legislation:



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