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Hearing Schedule

Hearing Schedule

The Hearing Schedule has been prepared in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format because it is quick and easy to convert documents to the web, and the software is free and accessible to most computer users. If you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 installed on your PC, please go to the Adobe Acrobat website to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Adobe site provides complete download and installation instructions.


The Board currently posts its Hearing Schedule on-line.  Dates, times, locations, parties and panel members are listed, but may change without notice as they get adjudicated, withdrawn or resolved.

The public is welcome to sit in on any hearings (except resolution conferences and administrative panels). Any inquiries about hearings can be made to the assigned Labour Relations Officers, whose names and phone number appear in the table below.  Contact an officer to confirm a hearing is proceeding.

Administrative Panels are in-house meetings relating to the Board's file and are not open to the public.  They are added to the hearing schedule as a reference to only those involved.

Resolution Conferences that appear on the hearing schedule are not open to the public. The Resolution Conference are held between the parties, their counsel (if any), and a senior representative of the Board.  They are added to the hearing schedule as reference for these parties only.

For more information, see the Board's Information Bulletin #4 "Location and Conduct of Board Hearings"

Hearing Room Names

Main Hearing Room is the McBain Room
2nd Hearing Room is the Blair Room

Main Floor Hearing Room is the Sims Room
Main Floor - (2nd hearing room) is the Lucas Room
Board Caucus Room on Main Floor is the Dubensky Room
Board Caucus Room on the 4th Floor is the d’Esterre Room
4th Floor Hearing Room is the Pugh Room



Contact a Board Staff Member 


Edmonton Office - Reception - (780) 422-5926
Tannis Brown, Director of Settlement (780) 422-3657
Terri Susan Zurbrigg, Legal Counsel (780) 644-5260
Dan Galdamez, Officer (780) 427-0067
Fenton Corey, Officer (780) 422-8259
Patricia Lafave, Officer (780) 422-7378
Vacant, Officer (780) 415-2714
Calgary Office - Reception - (403) 297-4334
Aaron Padnivelan, Manager of Settlement
(403) 297-4332
Nailya Rakhmatulina, Officer
(403) 297-5887
Vicki Lalonde, Officer
(403) 297-5888







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