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Employment Standards Appeals

The Alberta Labour Relations Board has been designated as the appeal body for the purpose of appeals under the Employment Standards Code.  Employment Standards appeals will now be heard by a Chair or Vice-Chair of the Board.

The Board is only an appeal body in Employment Standards matters.  Complaints about Employment Standards Code issues should be made to the Employment Standards Branch.  Information about the Employment Standards Branch and how to file a complaint can be found at: https://www.alberta.ca/employment-standards.aspx.

Section 95(1) of the Employment Standards Code states appeals of Employment Standards matters must be begun by serving the Registrar of Appeals.  The Board does not receive appeals directly.  You cannot begin an Employment Standards appeal by sending your appeal directly to the Board.  Information about beginning an Employment Standards appeal can be found at: https://www.alberta.ca/file-employment-standards-appeal.aspx.

Privacy Notice

All parties should be aware that hearings and decisions of the Board are public.  As a result, parties’ names, filed documents and evidence may become public and may be referred to in the Board’s decisions. The Board’s decisions must be in writing, and are provided to the Registrar who must keep a public record of all decision, which may include the public reporting of those decisions.  Parties who wish to apply to have their names masked where sensitive personal information would be disclosed by a decision must make that request of the Chair or Vice-Chair at the hearing of their appeal. Decisions about the masking of names are in the sole discretion of the Chair or Vice-Chair.




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